Gnossis gets people moving, alters structures
and develops new ways for personal and professional growth.

My name is Christoph Knott. As a coach and seminar leader I advise executives, managers, teams and companies on how to pioneer new ways to increase success and excitement, develop equanimity, find meaning and improve their relationships. Being an experienced business manager and coach I know the processes, dynamics and operational issues in companies intimately. Today’s complex and challenging management tasks prompt us to develop the “art of leadership”. This path opens up when we use problems and challenges as an impetus for growth and personal change.

Insight – Gnossis – is the prerequisite for each new step.

Warmly welcome!



Previous experiences are not the measure of all future events.

The current and future problems a company faces can often no longer be solved with means and experiences from the past.

Broadening the horizon of thought is an inherent aspect of human nature.

The deeper layers of the human spirit already contain all the information necessary for the next steps towards growth and success.

When you change yourself, your problems disappear.

It is not necessary to look for someone to blame for your problems: Deeper, unconscious ideas that everyone has of themselves create the reality we perceive and experience.

 Becoming fully aware of what your problem is about means recognising the solution.

Problems and conflicts in business and in the market, with colleagues, partners and clients indicate where it is that we are blocked inside.

The goals are success, growth, partnership and vision.

When blocks are recognised and dealt with, you can achieve your full potential of creative power – to be used for life, relationships and success.