Coach Profile

Basic assumptions:

  • Each challenge and each conflict is a „call“ for change and for developing new talents.
  • We do have the abilities required for the change but they are often hidden by judgment, negative experiences and beliefs.
  • If this potential is unleashed and exploited, the problem will disappear. The necessary step towards growth has been made.


  • Transform the perception of the problem and the emotions of all those involved – through empathy, system- and process analysis.
  • Become aware of projections, roles and limiting beliefs –take a new decision.
  • Clear emotional and mental blocks.
  • Identify steps to resolve the problem – allow yourself to feel the power of the solution.
  • Strengthen authenticity, emotional competence and the courage to be exceptional.
  • Renew relationships – transforming communication.
  • Learn different ways to connect with your inner source. Strengthen the inner centre of power.
  • Use your strengths and uncover unexploited abilities.
  • Strengthen your self-confidence through new practical experiences. Do not allow yourself to be blocked by fears and worries.
  • Indentify operational “step changes” for personal breakthroughs.



For further details please refer to the attached pdf-file.>>