Change Management with Gnossis starts with the people involved and opens up an entirely new perspective.  Processes of change are put into motion which will affect every aspect.


Open up the inner dimension of problems and conflicts and use them for change.

  • Problems and conflicts can be viewed as signposts: pointers to growth and success.
  • Fears, problems and worries can be made tangible as internal conflicts with one’s own driving forces (be strong, be perfect, hurry up, try harder, please others) and then be solved.
  • Concepts of competition, power struggle and success can be questioned and replaced by empowering attitudes.
  • Creativity, trust, communication, teamwork, partnership and commitment are the driving forces of growth. They can supersede the old rules of the game.
  • The quality of relationships is a decisive force for transformation and success. Relationships can be consciously crafted into win-win situations: Only then does the solution truly work.


Discover the power of vision and incorporate it to stimulate the development of your company.

  • Experiences and previous beliefs are questioned and the power of a new vision allows the creation of a new reality.
  • The dominance of purely causal thinking is abandoned.  This allows space for insights arising from deeper areas of the mind.
  • Mental images of growth, success and collaboration develop from inner creativity and are shared and developed further by all those involved.
  • The door to “the inconceivable” opens to reveal previously unrecognised possibilities for the development of your company.


Clear emotional blocks, become aware of your internal essence and apply this in your job.

  • Hidden emotions come to the surface and a greater awareness for your inner qualities develops. You get into touch with your own personal truth and that of the people around you.
  • Day-to-day business is no longer determined solely by thinking in terms of cause and effect. This allows entirely new kinds of decisions to be taken.
  • When you trust your intuitive perception, you can be guided by it. It will help you find new solutions.
  • Space can be consciously created for stillness, intuition and inner guidance.