Personal coaching for executives and managers

Do you or your staff need experienced support in reaching new levels of personal growth and in developing advanced leadership skills?

Coaching aspects and emphasis:

  • Develop relationship management and communication as the core competencies of leadership.
  • Develop the “art” of leadership and manage the complexity in strongly interdependent structures and organisations.
  • Use crisis resulting from a lack of enthusiasm and creativity as a driving force for development. Find new ways, meaning and vision.
  • Motivate people for “inconceivable” challenges. Discover and unleash hidden inner strengths.
  • Support female managers on their way to success.
  • Lead from within.



  • Resolve conflicts at all levels of the leadership hierarchy. Build successful relationships.
  • Help executives and organisations to successfully manage change.
  • Empower women in leadership positions to use their special strengths and qualities within the organisation effectively.
  • Reveal everyone’s uniqueness and use these unique qualities as the driving force of success in their professional and personal development (including diversity)
  • Understand the various aspects of conflicts of interest and interdependencies within large organisations in detail and provide unique solutions.
  • Help managers cope with the emotional burden they bear in their work environment and private life.


Principles/basic approach:

The challenges we face make us seek new ways to increase success and excitement, develop equanimity, find meaning and improve our relationships. We approach our problems and indentify their roots in an empathetic way. We look into roles and their underlying attitudes that are of no benefit any more. We do have the potential required to solve our problems but at first we need to adopt a new attitude towards the situation and the people involved.  This allows us to integrate new creative and practicable solutions into the daily work routine step by step.

  • Each challenge and each conflict is a „call“ for change.
  • We do have the abilities required for the change but they are often hidden by judgment and negative experiences. If our potentials are unleashed and exploited the problem will disappear. The required step towards change has been made.


Methods used:

  • System and process analysis
  • Coaching models: Projection method, intuition method, responsibility method, skills method, crossroads method
  • Feel emotions and blocks in the body and learn to release them
  • Meditation and inner guidance


Framework for personal coaching:

  • Recognise your own perception of the problem and reflect upon it.
  • Identify projections, roles and beliefs –take a new decision.
  • Clear emotional blocks and overcome obstacles.
  • Renew relationships– transforming communication.
  • Identify practicable steps to resolve the problem – allow yourself to feel the power of the solution.
  • Strengthen authenticity, emotional competence and the courage to be exceptional. Reveal your potentials.
  • Push through your fears and worries: Strengthen self-confidence by trying new experiences.
  • Learn to get in touch with your inner source, the inner centre of power.