Team Training

Does your team need to improve teamwork, develop common interests and get motivated to solve current issues?

“Strengthening the team’s power – tackling open challenges”

  • Address critical issues and solve them in an application-oriented manner
  • Understand the working of your own personality and that of others – create space to move and grow
  • Open communication instead of “hidden agendas”
  • Understanding and acceptance instead of power struggle
  • Authenticity and trust instead of roles and competition
  • Using unexploited potential instead of having “business as usual”
  • Try out creative solutions and intuition


Themes and key aspects of the training:

  • Bring teams together: Address existing issues within the group. Solve open and hidden conflicts.
  • Recognise, appreciate and strengthen each team member’s uniqueness within the team and develop these unique qualities as the driving force for success.
  • Use team challenges to create and benefit from excitement, power and the desire to strive for success.
  • Identify required changes as a team; consider them and make it a matter of your personal concern to implement them.
  • Further develop meaning, vision and the power of teamwork.
  • Unleash creativity, excellence and unique qualities by overcoming major challenges.



  • Learn to understand behaviour: Understand and develop empathy for your own behaviour and that of others: Develop soft skills.
  • Create space for people to open up and be listened to: Allow feelings to come up, confront and transform them: Strengthen emotional competence.
  • Stop focusing only on your own agenda and personal goals. Understand the dynamic of teamwork and act accordingly: Learn to serve the team and company goals.
  • Understand the dynamic of appreciation. Learn to show appreciation for your partner and team.
  • Hidden skills and qualities: Reveal and activate the team members’ inner strengths. Take the risk of allowing emotional intimacy.
  • Create space for excitement and creativity: Go for “inconceivable goals”. Empower each team member to be successful.
  • Learn to manage pressure and demands.
  • Learn to manage restrictions and contradictory goals. Develop the courage to take personal responsibility and to find innovative solutions.

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